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Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

Often times a dental office will send you to a specialist in the event that you require dental surgery of some kind. At Dental Care Bridgewater, we are fully equipped to perform a wide range of oral surgical procedures in-house. The surgeons we have on staff are some of the best in their field. To ensure you’re comfortable during any necessary procedures, we have HDTVs above the dental chairs, play calming music and offer different options of dental anesthesia to best suit your needs.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a permanent tooth replacement option that can replace single or multiple missing teeth, up to a full arch of teeth if needed.

Tooth Extractions/Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Our experienced oral surgeons execute general and wisdom tooth extractions quickly and proficiently to preserve your oral health.

Bone Grafting

Using advanced bone grafting techniques, our oral surgeons can stabilize areas of bone loss by rebuilding and regrowing bone in the jaw.

Facial Trauma

Facial trauma requires expert care as soon as possible to quickly and effectively restore function, aesthetics and comfort.

Oral Pathology

It’s important to have a yearly oral pathology exam to identify any areas of concern or changes in tissue appearance or textures.

Dental Anesthesia

Our skilled oral surgeons administer all types of dental anesthesia from novocaine to twilight IV sedation.

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